One Second Landscapes

30th March 2015
This is/was the latest "pet" project.
I started putting this collection together when I wanted to see how the area around me would look if stripped of all the main detail , and just shown as colours.

Well at least, that's how it started.

Every photo was taken with the same camera settings , with the camera moved either horizontally or vertically during the exposure, deliberately blurring the image.
Things got more interesting when on a few occasions people, animals or vehicles came into the frame, and I was able to "follow" them for that one second. But I kept those shots to a minimum, as it was an experiment in a standard set of basic landscape photos.

There's photos from dawn to dusk, in bright sunshine, howling winds & torrential rain. Anyone who lives around Dunbar & east Lothian will recognise some of the areas, even while blurring the photo, the subject remains obvious.

This was a real fun and interesting project, and one I may return to on occasion, but as it stands - I have picked my favourite 15 and present these to you all now.

We will have a few printed & framed for the Dunbar Street Art Trail on 18th April , and will be selling each picture as a limited edition signed copy. Details to follow on that.

For the camera tech heads... the camera settings in every photo were ISO 100 , F19 and one second. Camera was also set to manual focus, mostly just before the infinity setting, at around 30' to get the best depth of field - as close to hyperfocal as possible.

Exposures like this are easily worked out and I shoot these in all full manual mode. Any given light situation will have an exact exposure value (EV) and if you practise and learn the craft you can almost guess what any exposure will be.
By day I'm a wedding photographer, and you'd think there was no link whatsoever to doing projects like this or the Clown/Doll shoot, but what I gain is experience in lighting situations, so for example when I walk out of a church into a sunny day, or the clouds come over and darken the skies... I can work out what I need to change to seamlessly carry on.

There was no Photoshop used in any of these photos, not that I'm one of those people that shout about that, as some photos NEED Photoshop , but I wanted to keep everyone of these as close to straight out of camera as possible. All that has been done is some cropping and horizon straightening in Lightroom - had to.... moving the camera during the one second let to a few jaunty angles :)
But this shows what is possible with no post production , and a different idea.
Hope you like them.

Now, what's next ? Plans are afoot already...



Photo comment By Annie: Do love your photography. Always look forward to seeing new projects ... As above , love the colours ,beaches, the sea and sun sets .. Tranquil for me ...

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