Air conditioned studio !

05th June 2017
Sometimes in business you get so caught up in the work you miss things that, at busy times don't seem so important... such as holidays (Ask Mrs GWS, we've had 2 holidays in 5 years as I keep booking weddings :/ )

When we opened the new studio last August, it was during a very hot period, and the first few shoots & wedding viewings saw the main room hit almost 30' Celsius with the sun beating in during the day, and the projector and studio lights on.

We said back then before the better weather comes in 2017 we'd need to address the problem.
We did install black out blinds, but that's not enough, those very hot days at the end of May reminded us with an extremely warm studio, and the dog shoots we were shooting all resulted in a lot of tongue out shots (the dogs, not the people... mostly ha ha ).

So with that hot slap in the face we have arranged to have window glass screening installed to bounce back the heat, and we have now installed an air conditioner.
I'm sure our land lord will be excited to see the electric meter spinning around like a mad carousel, but it needs to be done... so the front room now can have lovely cool air piped in.

It may have taken longer than it should have but we've done it now.

So come along, get booked in and chill in out chilled studio room 1 !


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