Cube Photos

Our unique Cube Portraits are fun to shoot and great to look at once they are finished.
Because they are quite interactive when we are shooting them, everyone gets into the spirit of it and has a good time.

Full shoot, viewing and framed photo from only £75!

The bones of it are this...

Full studio session and includes a 8x8" framed desk photo for only £75.

The full details are...

* Full private studio session (45-60 mins) plenty time to change outfits, relax & enjoy the shoot.
* Return visit to view your photos on the big screen and pick your favourites.
* 8x8" framed photo
* Lots of other special offers on other gorgeous wall & desk products


Just book with a £20 deposit and use the £20 towards your finished products.

To enquire/book just fill in this wee form , and we'll be in touch shortly.

*Because of the nature of The Cube shoots and the interaction involved, we suggest it's best for anyone ages 3 to 80. You have to be young enough to be bendy and fit in a metre sized box, and old enough to stand and take direction... all part of the fun :)

The Cube Photos make great pressies for grandparents to see all the kids in one go... or buy the voucher as a unique present for someone.

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